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Kirara Support Vietnam,
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About us


Kirara Support Vietnam Co.,Ltd is a 100% foreign company, owned by Mode Planning Japan Inc, which provides recruitment services and kindergardens in Japan.
Now, we mainly introduce Japanese and Vietnamese candidates of various occupations to mainly Japanese companies in many fields. We monitor candidate starting from the time company recruits candidates until candidates join company. We treasure attribute an importance on hearing both companies and candidates, avoid miss-matching after joinning company and provide high-quality service.
In addition, we have a good relationship with excellent Vietnamese candidates through Japanese classes and seminars, so it is possible to introduce Candidates quickly as required. Please feel free to contact with us when you are recruiting.

Service business


Introduce Japanese and Vietnamese Candidate who can speak multi-language.

We introduce Vietnamese candidates who can speak not only Japanese but also English and Korean.
We can provide effective recruitment service without any cost until Candidate join to your Company.

Consulting concern to recruitment.

We aim at providing a consistent service right from the recruiting and interviewing process until the day candidates start working at your company.
To introduce personnel effectively, we listen to every aspiration and experience of the candidates, thus minimizing the risk of early or inappropriate retirement from the company.

Supporting Candidates in finding new jobs.

We support all of activities which concern about seeking new jobs, such as how to write CVs and work experience, supporting interview, introducing Client, guiding Business manne, etc.

Vietnamese and Japanese learning class.

We set up Japanese classes for Vietnamese people and Vietnamese classes for Japanese people.
We provide courses which are suitable for learners from Beginning level to Business level.

Introduction and Advisory


Nguyen Minh Trang

Hello everyone!
My name is Trang and I am in charge of Administration - Personnel at Kirara Support Vietnam Co., Ltd.
With 4 years of studying Japanese Language and Culture and more than 10 years working for Japanese companies in Vietnam, I believe I can help connect Japanese working culture with Vietnamese people. I always want to support Vietnamese young people to know more about Japanese working culture, as well as explain for Japanese companies about the way of working and thinking of Vietnamese youth. I hope that with my contribution to Kirara Support Vietnam, our company will assist foreign companies in Vietnam to recruit suitable and talented personnel, also to help job seekers find there desirable jobs.
On top of that, my advice for those who are looking for a job: Choose the job that you really like, give it your best so that when you look back, there is no regret.

Tran Thi Oanh

Hello everyone! My name is Oanh.
Previously, I found out about the Kirara Support Vietnam company and applied for it through an HR recruitment agency. I really appreciate the person who found me and helped me with my application.
And I also found that the HR recruitment agency plays an extremely important role in helping the customer company solve the shortage of personnel.
At the same time, it also helps workers who do not know the recruitment information like me before to have more new job opportunities.
I believe that helping other people is helping myself. Since the day I started working at the company until now, I have been working directly under the direction of the Japanese sales leaders, learning Japanese business culture, etc. I have become more mature, more skillful in communicating both in Vietnamese and Japanese.
I also find joy and happiness in helping others in doing this work.
And receiving the sincere thanks from the business and candidates is always a great motivation for me to continue to try harder at work.

Trinh Thi Hinh

Hello! My name is Hinh, I am working as a sales staff st Kirara Support Vietnam. I graduated in Vietnam. Then, I moved to Japan to live and work for 3 years. During that time, I did experience a lot of valuable things. My career orientation is to work in the field of human resources. Therefore, I decided to join Kirara Support Vietnam since January 2019.
After joining Kirara's house, we always think, act, improve and develop together. We support and connect people with businesses, we look forward to sharing the joy of working with every candidate we support and at the same time, we also support our Clients to grow their business by introducing qualified candidates.
I will support you to the best of my ability and hope you will make the right choices.

Vu Hai Yen

Hello! My name is Yen.
I have been working at Kirara Support Vietnam for about 1 year now. For the past one year, I have helped some people find their desired job. For me this job brings a lot of emotions. It's the joy from having an interview set up for my candidate, or the sadness of having no reason for an interview cancelation.
Of course the most fun is still when the candidate receives a notice of passing the interview and receiving a satisfactory offer letter. Besides, the sincere words of encouragement of the candidates are also a strong motivation for me to work.
In the future, I hope to continue helping more people find their desired job.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh

Hello! My name is Ngoc Anh. Currently, I am working as a sales staff at Kirara Support Vietnam. I studied English at the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, then I started to work at Kirara Support Vietnam since March, 2019. As a person who study about foreign languages, I always long for working at an international, professional environment that can develops my networking.
At Kirara Support Vietnam, we listen to every aspirations and experiences of the Candidates, as well as the expectations from the Client side in order to yeild the best results in the field of Human Resources. We do hope that we can contribute to the development of your business in Vietnam.

Vu Thi Thu

My name is Thu.
Vietnam is gradually becoming a country attracting the most investment capital in the world. Therefore, the shortage of human resources will be increasing, especially high-level human resources.

However, unemployment rate in Vietnam is still at a quite high level. Workers cannot find a company and the company cannot find the right person, leading to a waste of time and money.
Realizing that this issue is increasingly concerned, I also want to make a small contribution to be the bridge between the employer and the candidates, helping the recruitment process become simpler and more effective!
So please do not hesitate, contact us immediately for the best support.

Ohno Yuri

In July 2018, I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam.
I've been engaged in recruitment consultant and carrier advisor since I joined this company as new graduated.
We've heard a lot of comment from clients since we started our busines in Hanoi, such as
“We're thinking of advancement into Vietnam but we don’t know how to hire.”
“We'd like to expand our business”
“We're in trouble cause there are a number of resignation”
“We'd like to hire employees efficiently”
We offer flexible support and the best human resources to meet the diverse needs of clients.
We emphasize the speed from receiving a job request to introducing.
We also focus on checking the candidate's language skills (Japanese, English, Korean) by the consultant before the introduction.
I'm mainly in charge of introducing English speakers and I can find the suitable candidates according to the desired level of client.
I value each and every encounter in Vietnam and hope to help client's business success through supporting for recruitment !

Anzaki Yuta

After graduation from Hiroshima University, I joined Mode Planning Jsc and I a working as HR Consultant about 2 years. At the begining of 3 years, I was seconded to advance into the company in Hanoi and now, I am working at Hanoi branch.
In Hanoi, we introduce various human resources such as Multil language (Japanese, English, Korean, etc), IT HR, Technical staff, Managers, etc.
In Vietnam, almost Japanese companies, in particular, have a problem concern to recruitment and HR.
'We can not found suitable staff"
"Staff does not settle"
"What should I do when hiring someone"
I am working nor only at the position of recruitment support, but also in various forms of working people, such as consulting for candidates who wants to change job, in-house recruitment activities, and employee education.
We are willing to hit all yours troubles concern to HR. Please tell me our story.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh

Hello! My name is Anh - Kirara support VN Company.
After graduating from university, I had a period of time to work in a Japanese factory.
We can exchange and talk with you based on your most recent working status. Let's think about what we should say during the interview and what we can learn from previous experience, including all the time that you have learnt at school or worked part time.
Based on experience from each of us, let's exchange advice and learn from each other.
We will do out best to support you!
Have you ever wondered "What is your field of interest?" or "What will you have to perform in businesses?". From my own experience, I will try to give you appropriate and usefull answers.
So feel free to ask questions!
Regrading interview techniques, I will talk about step 1, step 2, step 3 and recent trends for each step.
So let's try together!

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