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Kirara Support Vietnam,
We are employment agency in Vietnam

About us


Kirara Support Vietnam Co.,Ltd is a 100% foreign company, owned by Mode Planning Japan Inc, which provides recruitment services and kindergardens in Japan.
Now, we mainly introduce Japanese and Vietnamese candidates of various occupations to mainly Japanese companies in many fields. We monitor candidate starting from the time company recruits candidates until candidates join company. We treasure attribute an importance on hearing both companies and candidates, avoid miss-matching after joinning company and provide high-quality service.
In addition, we have a good relationship with excellent Vietnamese candidates through Japanese classes and seminars, so it is possible to introduce Candidates quickly as required. Please feel free to contact with us when you are recruiting.

Service business


Introduce Japanese and Vietnamese Candidate who can speak multi-language.

We introduce Vietnamese candidates who can speak not only Japanese but also English and Korean.
We can provide effective recruitment service without any cost until Candidate join to your Company.

Consulting concern to recruitment.

We aim at providing a consistent service right from the recruiting and interviewing process until the day candidates start working at your company.
To introduce personnel effectively, we listen to every aspiration and experience of the candidates, thus minimizing the risk of early or inappropriate retirement from the company.

Supporting Candidates in finding new jobs.

We support all of activities which concern about seeking new jobs, such as how to write CVs and work experience, supporting interview, introducing Client, guiding Business manne, etc.

Vietnamese and Japanese learning class.

We set up Japanese classes for Vietnamese people and Vietnamese classes for Japanese people.
We provide courses which are suitable for learners from Beginning level to Business level.

Business Partners


Friend Introduction Campaign


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If your friend joins the company and officially recruited,
you will receive a rewards of 1 million VNĐ in cash